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Audio Books, Something Educational To Use Your MP3 Player For

The MP3 player and other devices have become very popular. The many advancements that have been made in terms of technology are amazing. We have much more technology now than we did just five or ten years ago. The technology industry is always coming out with something new and improved. All these devices are to make our lives easier. We can do so much with the technology we have, and it will just continue to become more advanced.The MP3 player is one of the many technologies that has grown rapidly in popula...


How Language Similarities Help to Learn a New Language

If you are contemplating taking on a second language, it's common practice to lean toward a language that is very similar to your native tongue. Languages that share similar words, similar sentence structures and similar conjugations to any language that you are already fluent in will most likely be all the easier for you to pick up quickly. People often compare the romance languages like French, Spanish and Italian; or the Germanic languages like English, German and Dutch and site all of the notable simil...


Lost in Shangri-La: A True Story of Survival, Adventure, Most Incredible Rescue Mission of WW II

It was near the end of World War II and a mixed group of 24 WACS and soldiers boarded a C-47 - the Army Air Corps workhorse aircraft - for a trip through "Shangri-La" as they would see it from the air but who knows what happened, the C-47 went down in the middle of the New Guinea jungle that was inhabited variously by the Japanese and bloodthirsty tribesmen known as the Dani.Mitchell Zuckoff's account of their harrowing tale of survival, despite grievous wounds and loss is an excellent read that has you on ...


Review Of Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive - Should You Go?

The Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) is a three-day event that was created by T. Harv Eker, founder of Peak Potentials Training and author of the New York Times best seller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. This is my review of the event I personally attended which will give you some insight to whether you should attend one or not.On the Friday morning when I arrived, I saw that they had staff to serve as ushers to find single seats much like they do at movie theatres since these events usually attract ful...


Have You Thought About Publishing A Book On eBooks

People compare their published books to eBooks all of the time. They are pretty much the same until you compare what they do. Both the printed version and the eBooks on line have text and pictures on them. But when you compare them to what they had to do in the olden days, which was use stone for their books, then we come to a totally different conclusion.We have come a long way from the old days. They used to carry around stones, then scrolls, and then what we know today as books. So as the years went on t...


Fahrenheit 451: A Novel

The date is somewhere in the future and the world government has finally completed its gargantuan task - blotting out the written word.In this world, the task of honored "fireman" is not to put out fires, but to start them as anyone with a book is considered subversive. Those in the underground who have saved libraries full of work are considered traitors, subject to termination.If you live by the rules, everything is wonderful as Montag, the unlikely hero of the piece, finds with his boring wife Mildred wh...


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